Photography Tips and Tricks – Minimize the Areas of Contrast in Backgrounds

When taking a portrait, there are lots of things that can distract from the goal of the portrait. The goal of the portrait is to convey the personality and identity of the person through their expressed facial features. The less distractions you have in a picture, the more your portrait conveys that person…simple right? The one common thief of the goal of a portrait is the background. Shooting a portrait with a minmal background greatly makes your photo stand out.

Now not everyone has a fancy studio and I’m not a huge fan of cheesy cloth smoke backgroundssmoke-background so shooting outdoor in a more natural environment is more preferable. But when shooting outdoors, it’s important to choose your background wisely when taking a portrait.

One technique is to minimize the areas of contrast such as light and dark. Check out the following photos:

361A9906-2  361A9903

Which photo do you think emphasizes the face better? If you chose the photo on the right, you are correct. The portrait on the left has a large contrast of areas of dark and light that really distracts from the portrait while the picture on the right minimizes the contrasting areas. The picture on the right primarily has lighter areas that really allow for the portrait to be emphasized. Shooting with a low f of course helps you blend that nice background into a nice creamy mesh. BOKEH!

Hope this helps you guys! Please share this tip with others and check back for more tips and tricks. Thanks!


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