Phoenix Wedding Photographers – 10 MUST HAVE SHOTS

On their special day, I always make sure each couple gets the shots that will leave people exclaiming, “Awwee! That’s so cute!” or “Wow! That is amazing!” From the Kissing Couple to the Shoes to the crying Father of the Bride. These are not-to-miss shots that everyone will love to look back on. Some are romantic, some are funny, and others are breath-taking. Each shot will show everything that goes into the masterpiece that became the wedding. Here are 10 Must-Have Wedding Shots any photographer must take:

10 Must-Have Wedding Shots


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10 Must-Have Wedding Shots

  1. The Kissing Couple – Any time the couple touch lips, it gets a room full of “Awwwwwww’s”. Place them in front of a background that is minimal to accentuate their ‘cuteness’.
  2. The Look on His Face – As she walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her, so it is the perfect time to snap a shot of the groom’s reaction as he sees his wife-to-be looking more stunning than ever.
  3. The Shoes – The bride’s heels, flats, stilettos, or whatever her feet are covered with, are important. She spent a lot of time putting her entire outfit together. You don’t want to forget the little detail of the shoes that she chose to complete her look.
  4. The Details – You cannot forget the small details that turn the wedding from another party into a grandest of occasions. It’s all about the little details that go unnoticed. So, a photographer must not forget these.
  5. Over-The-Shoulder – The bride behind the groom is adorable. You can see the way that he looks at her and how much he loves her on his face.
  6. The Lift – What bride doesn’t want to be lifted in the air?
  7. The Mother of the Bride – The look on her mother’s face will be priceless. She will watch her daughter go through the same things she went through too.
  8. The Father of the Bride – If he’s crying, take a shot. When will you ever see a grown man cry in public again?
  9. The Dip & Kiss – How much would it suck be for the bride to dipped, staring into the love of her life’s eyes and then kissed, and there was no one to capture it? Romantic moments must be photographed.
  10. The Scenery – The shot of the epic background behind the “I do’s” deserves a picture of itself. A capture the moment of such a dramatic moment.

When planning a wedding, there are so many things you need to think of – the caterer, entertainment, invitations, reception, etc. – for this one-day event. Everything has to be the perfect for the bride and groom’s day. From all of the big decision to the small details, you can get overwhelmed with everything. However, you don’t want to forget the photographer, the person who will capture all of the romantic moments between the bride and groom, the hilarious candid shots of the guests, and all of events that occur throughout the day.

Finding the right photographer is essential to making sure the memories of this momentous occasion lasts a lifetime. You don’t want distorted and blurred images from amateur photographers or bad shots taken at the wrong time, getting backs of heads, half-smiles or no one looking at the camera. No, you want pictures of the perfect bride standing next to Mr. Right that you can show 50 years from now.

So let me take the burden off your hands. Don’t worry about making sure the photographer gets the perfect pictures that you want. Capturing all of the little moments of your perfect day in the lens of my camera is my specialty. Although, I may not be the lowest cost among many other photographers in the area, but I provide the best value. I will give you nothing but the best, because I am the best wedding photographer in Phoenix. With my 7 years of photography and videography experience, I will have you reliving the moments of your wedding every time you encounter the pictures again.

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