Tucson // Kodak Portra 400

Goodbye two thousand fifteen. Hello, two thousand sixteen! Another year gone and much to anticipate for the next. New levels of creativity, exploration and really digging into all that’s in store. Many have asked me what kind of resolutions I made, and it’s always such a hard question to answer. One thing I know is more photo. Getting better at my craft and really story telling openly and honestly as much as I can. Love more. Serve more. Just living life to its fullest.

Enjoy. 🙂

tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-0 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-1 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-3 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-4 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-5 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-6 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-7 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-8 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-9 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-10 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-11 tucson-film-newy-year-elenes-arizona-12

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