Caleb Graduates // Mesa

I’ve seen this once-kid grow up with his two brothers in a church I’ve attended for many years. I just can’t believe how fast the generation around us is growing up- elementary school to college just over night! Well I had the honor of photographing his older brother and now him, and I’m just reminded of the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. So proud of this guy and wishing the best that God has for him. Please enjoy these swagged out shots we got in downtown Mesa! 🙂

Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1001-2 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1001 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1002 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1003 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1004 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1005 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1007 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1008 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1010 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1011 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1013 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1014 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1015 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1016 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1017 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1018 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1019 Caleb-Graduation-Mesa-Downtown-webres-1020

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