Tyler & Ashtyn // Boise Idaho { Fourth Street Gardens }

There’s a lot to say about this wedding, but I’ll start with saying how much my heart was overflowing for my friend Tyler and his now wife, Ashtyn. Tyler and I became friends and then roommates for a year. Within that time, I saw him mature and change so much. He already had a heart of gold and I saw his growing desire to share his life with another person. On October 22, 2016, Ashtyn became that person.

I flew to Boise, Idaho to celebrate with them at this beautiful jardin called Fourth Street Gardens. The setting was absolutely beautiful with the fall leaves turning bright hues of orange and red. Tyler and Ashtyn, you guys are beautiful and I’m so excited to share this sneak peak with all of your friends and families. It was a magnificent day. Cheers <3

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