Arizona Monsoon Clouds 2016

In Arizona during monsoon season, we get dust storms…BIG dust storms. The scale of these dust storms is kind of mind boggling but I grew up in Phoenix being around them my whole entire life never giving them a second thought.  I’ve only recently more appreciated these gigantic vacuums of dust and moisture in the past couple years as I have tried to chase them. While my storm chasing journey is yet far from over, I’ve decided to start a small community minded project.

I’ve created this post to be a collection of some of the most dynamic clouds I’ve seen. I’m not talking about your standard cumulonimbus clouds with the perfect puffy round edges but some of the more interesting dynamic ones that you might have witnessed. This will mostly serve as a chronicle of clouds I’ve seen but if you have one and would like it posted, feel free to share. Send it to me at and I’ll feature it here while crediting you (name or instagram).

I’m hoping this grows to be a pretty rad collection of cloud photos of Arizona or anywhere.

Kicking things off with this beauty I saw just yesterday

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